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Porosimeter MK2 – Enable an air volume to go through a fabric in order to measure its porosity.

Porosimeter MK2 – Enable an air volume to go through a fabric in order to measure its porosity.

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Porosimeter MK2 – Enable an air volume to go through a fabric in order to measure its porosity.


Manufacturers wanted to increase the capacity from the beginning of the paragliding. Pilots spending more time in flight now, coating deteriorate therefore faster which can cause accidents.
JDC Electronic SA decided to manfacture a porosimeter easy-to-use that has become the point of reference over the years.

Importance of the test

Safety: Fly with an old paragliding or a badly maintained paragliding can have serious consequences. The porosity is a significant safety factor.

Performance: The more a sail porous is, the more the load-carrying capacity ofthis one decreases. This is something that is affecting those who want to perform long-haul flights. This, then, has an impact on the quality and duration of the flight.

Second-hand: The porosimeter allows of monitoring and evaluating bought and sold second-hand equipment. In this way, you can propose second-hand equipment safe and good enough for the next user.

Other: This instrument also allows to study fabrics in laboratory. It is useful for the flying school, the manufacturers of fabrics and paragliders or the users of hot-air balloons.

Principle of the porosimeter

Measure the time required for 0.25 litres of air to pass through the fabric under a Measure apressure of 10 mbar. The result is given in seconds and can vary from seconds (coating very degraded), to more than 1000 seconds for the finest current fabrics.
By regular measurements so we can observe the ageing of the paragliding andprevent the risks related to too much porosity.

Porosimeter MK2 : What is new ?

In 25 years, many elements evolved in the paragliding. The fabrics, the coating,the dimension of the sails cells, the tests...The MK1 therefore needed an update:

  • The new measuring head is easy to use. There’s no need to enter the porosimeter inside the cells but just to slide the measuring head and pinch the fabric with the flex-ible steel plate. The values are similar with greater precision in the high values.
  • The gasket is made of a softer rubber and has a narrower width. So by deforming it follows better the structure of fabrics.
  • The pressure counter-plate realized in flexible steel conforms better the variations in thickness of the tissues and give a regular pressure. This flexibility also allows more easy lifting of the counter-plate.
  • The display is an integral part of the device avoiding the link cable.


  • Quick test of fabric porosity used for exemple in paraglider
  • Measures a fabric degradation in order to warn the pilot of properties
    and security decrease of its canopy
  • Evaluation of the actual and resale value of second-hand
  • Laboratory study of fabric wear (coating adherence, etc...).


    • 2 years warranty
    • Accuracy: Factory calibration is performed using a test nozzle giving a response time of 90 sec. +/- 0.5 seconds of repitiveness about 23°C, pressure 950mbar and 50% humidity.
    • Influence of temperature:
      About 13°C: increasing the time of 1.5%
      About 33°C: decreasing the time of 1.5%
    • Influence of humidity: negligible
    • Influence of the pressure: increasing the measuring time of 1.1% for a decrease in atmospheric pressure of 50hPa (approx. 500m)
    • If the prosimeter ist handled carefully, the risk of losing the calibration is minimal.


Power Supply:


2 x LR6 (Mignon-AA)



Weight and Dimensions in mm:

150 x 300mm





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