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WindMate 350 - WM350
Datalog, Temperature - Humidity - Barometer - Compass - Wind - direction

WindMate 350 - WM350 Datalog, Temperature - Humidity - Barometer - Compass - Wind - direction
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Product no.: WM-350-20350
Manufacturer: Speedtech Instruments
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Skymate precision spare impeller

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Products description

Speedtech - WindMate 350

Crosswind & Head/Tail wind reading

The WindMate 350 is equipped with a self calibrating and precise humidity sensor, a barometric sensor and a logging function to hold the readings for professional issues. The WindMate 350 provides precision & accuracy using the wind vane and digital compass to give wind direction, cross and head/tail wind readings - digitally and in compass points.

NMMA Awards winner 2007This prize-winning, comprehensive weather monitor, which gives full environmental data specific to your location and includes a 48-hr history for every function, hour-by-hour and in a bar graph.

The USA fluxgate compass reads when held vertically, gives wind direction in degrees and compass points; it calculates crosswind & head/tail wind. The compass can be calibrated for variation/declination and deviation. In addition to wind speed/direction, temperature, barometric pressure, altitude, and humidity, the unit includes wind chill, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Delta T & Density Altitude. The WindMate-350 gives an accurate weather forecast and an audio storm alarm alerts you to weather changes, even if the unit is off.

The instrument has Speedtech's exclusive, patented Comfort Index, which is the effect of temperature, relative humidity, wind speed & sun intensity on the human body. The formula can be adjusted based on sun intensity and is superior to Heat Index. The case is water resistant, shockproof, & the jackknife design allows for the most accurate measurements, as your hands heat and moisture do not interfere with any sensors. WM-350 can be tripod-mounted and accommodates the Model SM-WT wind tunnel accessory for very precise measurements. All WindMates meet NIST calibration standards and wind speed accuracy tested better than +/- 3%. 2-Year Warranty.

Crosswind_reading - Windmate 350

Easy to use

With the easy to use 2-Step-Reading of the WindMate 350 first in wind direction and then into any other designated direction you can rapidly get the values for cross and head/tailwind.
The integrated wind vane makes it easy to face the WindMate 350 into the correct direction to the wind.
By the intuitive usage and the well arranged display all information can be read at a glance.

Digital Compass

The electronical compass with a digtial and a analogue readout shows degrees and the easier to use compass points (N-NNO-NO-...-N).

Thermometer and Hygrometer

The WindMate 350 has an integrated Thermometer and also an integrated humidity sensor, which provides the measurement and calculation of relative humidity, Wet Bulb, dewpoint and Delta T. By these, for a handheld device unique and new features the WindMate 350 is able to calculate the patented Comfort Index.

Barometer and Altitude

This "Top-Gun" of the WindMate Series provides also a barometric sensor. This completes the full range of needed sensors for professional field weather and climate readings. The feature of the barometric altimeterDie Berechnung der Höhe und die schnelle und übersichtliche Anzeige der Messhistorie in Form von Bargraphen als auch Stunde-für-Stunde machen dieses Gerät für den Einsatz bei Feuerwehr und Katastrophenschutz interessant. Selbstverständlich hat auch der WindMate350 als "großer Bruder" des SM28 SkymatePro einen integrierten Schlechtwetteralarm.

Robust and longlasting

The WindMate 350 provides a replaceable impeller for prolonged usage over years or especially under hard conditions. The precise electronics and, for fast readings, exposed sensors are safly protected by the case which amongst others meets military specs.
The unique and patented jack-knife housing protects the WindMate 350 perfectly, when not in use. Another advantage of the jack-knife-casing is that when opened for usage, the hand warmth cannot reach the sensors. This results into more precise readings.

Readout of the measurements

Naturally the WindMate 350 provides the readout in Beaufort, Miles/h, Km/h, Meter/Sec., Feet /Min, Knots, 10 Sec. Average reading, Maxwind, Wind Chill and other comfortable features well-known of other successful Speedtech-products like the SM28 - Skymate Pro and the Sm18 - Skymate - like Auto Power-Off, tripod fitting for stationary usage and the easy to replace battery a.s.o..

Cross-, head/tail wind reading at a glance

The WindMate 350 is ideal for all professional commercial or freetime issues. Top tip as first or backup device for all sailors, golfers, balloners, surfer, archer, pilots, kiter, eventcompanies, stage crews, official rescue and care organisations, firefighters, crane driver ... who need a precise and easy to use WindMate 350 with cross & head/tail wind reading.




  • Windspeed:
    • Average (10 Sek.)
    • Maximum (app. 2 Sec. after power on)
    • Beaufort, Mph, Km/h, Meter/Sec, Fuß /Min, Knots
  • Wind Direction
    (via electronical compass and wind vane with
    2-step reading)

    • Maindirection (realtime reading)
    • Crosswind
    • Head- and Tailwind
  • Temperature:
    • Actual
    • Wind Chill
  • Humidity:
    • relative Humidity
    • Wet Bulb
    • Dewpoint
    • Delta T
    • Comfort Index
  • Elektronical compass:
    • Displays (N-NNO-NO-...-N)
      digital (0°-360°)
  • Barometer
    • Barometric pressure
    • Barometric altitude
    • Altimeter up to 9000m
      • Density altitude
      • 4 step weatherforecast
      • Severe weather alarm
      • graphical-digital-datalog
      (except Compass and Time) 48h Log at1h interval
      chooseable logintervals: 5,10, 20, 30min,1, 2, 6,12h
  • Further features:
    • Water resistent
    • floatable
    • Clock, date, alarm,
    • replaceable impeller
    • exposed and protected sensors for fast readings
    • Display with backlight
    • Auto Power Off
    • Tripod fitting
    • Lanyard
    • Multi-language manual
    • 2 year warranty
    • and more...
Technical Data:


-20°C to 60°C

+/- 1°C

°C - °F


1,3 up to 143,2 km/h
(reads up to
217 km/h)

+/- 3%

Knots - mph - Beaufort - kmh - ft/min - m/s

Humidity:0-100%+/- 3%Wet Bulb, Dewpoint +/- 2 °C
Baro:up to 1100 hPa+/- 1,5 hPahPa - Hg
Altitude:up to 9000 m+/- 15 mm - ft (Density Alt. 75m)



+/- 2°



Power Supply:


1 x CR2032
Long-life Lithium Battery



Dimensions in mm:

93 g

140 x 45 x 19



Downloads: WM350-Produktbroschüre(englisch)

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